Clean Cleaning

By Modish Team

Taking care of ourselves and maintaining our health is becoming more and more of a priority. Ensuring we live the cleanest lifestyle possible and consuming only the purest forms of food and drink available to us is now the norm. Vegan diets and Celery juice is the only way to live right?! Not only that we now look for the purest forms of cosmetics too. Non toxic and sustainable packaging, the list of demands is endless to ensure what we are consuming will not harm us. Well I’m about to take it one step further… let me introduce you to clean cleaning! Yes! You heard right!

Tincture is a fantastic company specialising in 100% natural cleaning products for your home. Founded by Angelika, a mother who set out to find cleaning products for her home that were safe to use for the whole family, free from toxicity, artificial and synthetic ingredients. The Tincture kitchen offers products which contain only essential natural ingredients, yet still delivering exceptional cleaning results.  Every product developed is 100% natural and made from sustainable plant/vegetable based sources. In fact all but one product of theirs is entirely vegan! I mean what more could you ask for. They even have a whole page on the website dedicated to the ingredients they use, they literally list every single one and detail exactly what it is, its properties and the research and studies behind it to give you a complete guide as to how the ingredients work and why they have been chosen.

Core Values

Tincture have eight core values and embrace the octagonal form for many reasons. The hexagonal shape is said to represent spirituality and intellect and is often seen in nature in the form of beehives and DNA. The company’s core values are:

100% natural – 100% natural cleaning products using only the essential and natural ingredients made from sustainable plant/vegetable based sources.

Clinically Tested – consumers health and well being is Tinctures main focus and all products are clinically tested.  The following are all dermatologically approved and safe for skin:

All Purpose Tincture
Washing Up Tincture
Bathroom Tincture

Introductory Set £19.96
Netley Hand Wash £18.00
Hand Sanitizer £22.95
Netley Hand Wash £20.00
Yoga Mat Cleaner £1.99
Netley Hand Wash & Lotion Set £38.00
Glass Metal Steel Tincture £4.99
Core Benefits

Sustainable and Biodegradable- all products are biodegradable and all ingredients used are from sustainable sources.

Cruelty free – none of Tinctures products are tested on animals and they do not condone this practice.  Tincture are committed to acting in a responsible and accountable manner and do not commission any third parties to act on their behalf. All product ingredients are reviewed prior to use to ensure the suppliers of the ingredients have also not conducted animal testing.

Eco friendly packaging – packaging is 100% recyclable and are FSC certified as well as being part of the World Land Trust Charity where emissions are offset by the purchase and preservation of endangered rainforests.

Zero waste – In an effort to reduce single used plastic Tincture are offering glass refills so you can reuse your white, antimicrobial TINCTURE bottle and closures multiple times before recycling. Along with packaging being 100% recyclable as mentioned above.

Vegan – The only product that is not suitable for vegans is the Furniture TINCTURE that contains sustainably sourced beeswax.

The rest of their products are suitable to be used by both vegetarians and vegans. They are all made from 100% natural, plant based ingredients.

Made in England – Tincture are proud to be a British brand and support local businesses and manufacturers. All products are designed, developed and made in the UK. With components being sourced from Wales to Suffolk and all products are hand finished here in England.

Tincture have really taken the time to understand the importance of maintaining our health and wellbeing and again have a dedicated page on the website detailing the research undertaken and their findings into just how everyday elements affect our health and wellbeing and why changes must be made in every aspect of our lives even the things we don’t think about, as being ignorant to these is having a significant impact on our health. For example tincture found that a study conducted by the journal of respiratory critical care medicine, found over a 20 year study following 6000 people, that lung function dramatically declined in women working as cleaners or regularly using cleaning chemicals at home. The effect on the lung health was equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

We at modish are completely sold! Make another lifestyle change today, you wont regret it we promise! Happy cleaning.