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By Laura Roberts
Rosie Whiteley Huntington

I think we can all say that 2020 has been an unusual one. It has challenged everything we thought we knew and stripped us of every routine we had in our lives. At first the novelty of avoiding the morning commute or school run and gaining an extra hour in bed may have seemed nice however after months the novelty may have worn off for you. If you are now also finding yourself incensed by what were once perfectly acceptable traits family members or partners have, such as simply breathing… well we are here to help and offer some tips and tricks to make work life at home a little smoother.

Let’s talk about routines

Every self-help book or motivational speaker will always talk about the importance of routines. As human beings we thrive on routine. You don’t have to follow them with military precision but having some form of routine will help you to be more productive and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

We talk about routines in more detail in other posts but for now try and write a list of things you typically do in a week and see what you can set as part of your normal routine. The beauty of this is that your routine is yours and yours only so spend some time self-caring and pre plan your days.


For a little inspiration I have listed some simple steps we think you should include.

Waking up

Most of us are guilty of this but a gentle reminder to not start your day with bright screens from checking e-mails and social media when you first wake up. We need to ease ourselves into the day and dedicate our first few moments to ourselves, not the world.

Wake up at the same time every day (even weekends) and get straight up.

Upon waking, drink a full glass of water (warm lemon water if we are channelling our inner Victoria Secret model). During sleep we are going without taking in fluids, so we naturally wake up dehydrated and a lack of hydration leads to a foggy memory, irritability, and fatigue. It is important to make sure we encourage children to drink first thing too, start them young with this routine revelation.

Did you know drinking cold water can actually burn a few calories as you digest to maintain core temperature.


Try to exercise on a daily basis to get those endorphins flowing. I swear by working out first thing, as it gets you in a good mindset for the day. I find it easier to keep morning exercise in my routine as I am less likely to be disturbed at 6am and working late, seeing friends and family or sheer exhaustion from the day generally stops me from working out in an evening.

The first few weeks of incorporating AM workouts can be horrific but once you get into it, it will change your life.

Getting ready

Regardless of whether it is only your cat that will see you during your working day, always get showered and ready. Even if you change into some comfy loungewear, the process of getting ready will trigger your pre-programmed subconscious mindset in preparing you for your working day. If you get ready/dressed, you will feel more focused and confident for your workday ahead and therefore more productive.

We naturally fast during sleep so “break-fast”, breaking our fast with healthy nutritious food is super important for setting us up for the day.

Prepare the night before or make in batches, we at the office love the granola recipe from The Garden in Hale.

This homemade granola recipe is a nutritious crowd pleaser and can be made a week ahead. Rich in plant-based protein, healthy fats and fibre, it works as a well-balanced way to start the day.


(Makes large batch)
300g Jumbo Oats
100g Flaked Almonds
75g Coconut Chips
25g Pumpkin Seeds
2tbsp Chia Seeds
2tbsp Maple Syrup
50g Coconut Oil (melted)
The Juice of an Orange
2tsp Ground Cinnamon
1tsp Ground Ginger
2tbsp Sultanas (or dried fruit of choice)


Add all of the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix.
Melt the coconut oil in a pan on a low heat and then add the dry ingredients and stir.
Pour in the maple syrup and squeeze over the orange, continue to mix until the dry ingredients are fully coated.
Spoon the mixture onto a baking tray evenly and bake for 25 minutes at 180c. Check and stir every 5 minutes (it burns easily).
Once cooked add the sultanas and mix thoroughly. Leave to cool and store in an airtight container.

Serve with your choice of yoghurt or milk, fruit, and a dollop of good quality nut butter. Enjoy!

Goal setting

Who are we kidding… twenty first century living is stressful. With society putting more and more pressure on us to do what feels like ‘everything’ we can become victims of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing which task to tackle first. The simple process of writing a list of the things we need to do will help our minds process and prioritise tasks for the day. Investing in a diary or planner you love will help and motivate you to do this. A few years ago in New York I treated myself to a Smythsons Portobello diary on New Year’s eve and it has become a tradition of mine ever since. Buying the diary that is… unfortunately not New York.

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Always practice gratitude

Did you know gratitude improves your general well-being? It helps increase resilience and helps to reduce stress and depression. Journal in peace and take time to connect with yourself.  Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection and sometimes simply remembering that having a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and family and friends that love us is all we truly need.

It is also said that the more you write the better your communication skills may become.

Our part two home office post will discuss some of the more practical elements of a home office but for me everything starts from within and without a healthy mindset it is near impossible to have a healthy lifestyle. These things are small but if consistently practiced, will have a profound impact on your life. I promise.

Laura x