Design & Style


By Laura Roberts

Having a space to discuss everything that motivates and inspires me and to share all I have learnt so far as an interior designer is something I have wanted for years, but finding the time to do this whilst running a business and with life’s many other demands has made this challenging. In early 2020 the entire world was hit by the pandemic that was COVID 19 and along with the devastation and disruption came time, time the world has never been given before. A time which allowed (well kind of forced us) to sit back and evaluate. A time which forced us all inside our homes. And for me, for the first time I can remember in a long time I completely switched off from my many roles and took time to reflect. 

For the first time in which felt like years, I could sit still and contemplate where life had brought me so far, the areas that I was happy with and the things I still longed to achieve. This blog was top of my list. So sat at home, in mostly loungeware or pyjamas with some form of face or hair mask on, I finally put pen to paper. 

As an interior designer I get approached a lot from people asking for advice, guidance, tips and tricks. So finally I have created a space where I can share what I practice as a designer, what I was taught on my degree and what I have learnt along the way (which is fair to say a lot).

Our homes are places where we should feel both our happiest and safest, a place where we should feel most ourselves and are one of the single most important spaces in our lives. And although luxury design is my main area of expertise, what I want to discuss is so much more than expensive finishes and beautiful architecture. Yes I will be touching on all the elements that you need creatively in order to design successfully but what I feel is more important is the psychology of our homes and the spiritual connections we have to our humble abodes. 

Our homes should appeal to all of our senses, taste, touch, smell, vision, sound and our more spiritual sixth sense. And I want to dive into covering all areas of this and how you then combine the practical elements like space planning to create beautiful, functional, good for the soul kind of spaces. 

I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Laura x