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What value can an Interior Designer add

By Laura Roberts

A question we get asked a lot is… what value is there in instructing an Interior Designer? What clear advantage could I gain? One must speculate to accumulate and investing in the service of a designer to support you with a home renovation project will in the long run save you precious time and money. And let us explain why. 


Careful, considered planning is key with any build or renovation and there are so many elements that must be brought together in order to complete any project. The initial planning is what sets the tone for the entire project, spatial, furniture, plumbing, electrical. The list is endless. A professional designer will be there to hold your hand from the start to ensure every element is carefully considered. As they say the devil is in the detail. 

Cost investment

A good interior designer will discuss your budget and guide you on what elements are worth investing in and areas where costs can be reduced. Coupled with their knowledge of the industry and trade secrets you will be sure to keep the purse strings under control. 

The cost to correct any mistakes you have made because of poor guidance and insufficient experience out way the cost of an experienced and often recommended Interior Designer.

Time Management

As I am sure we have all experienced, keeping projects to a planned time scale can be tricky. When undertaking a new build or renovation you are combining countless companies and trades people. A good Interior Designer will be the heart of your team. Every decision should fall back onto them and it is their job to keep the entire build team accountable, on time and within budget.

Value of your home

At Modish Decor we will look at your current home and suggest ways to add value whether that be structural or aesthetic.

Our knowledge in market trends will enable us to give you clear foresight into the probable value of your home when the necessary work has been completed.

A well designed and thought out home has a clear advantage when selling in the future.

CAMEO villa
Completed project

At Modish Décor we have the vision to see how a completed project will look and we will illustrate this with you throughout the design process, supported by mood boards, fabric trays, floor and wall finishes to lighting and furniture specifications. Our teams expertise ensures we deliver a truly special experience ensuring your home looks beautiful and functional all at the same time.

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